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Each Ractive instance has a nodes property, which is a hash of all the elements within a Ractive that have an id attribute:

<div id='myDiv'>An unimaginatively named div.</div>
ractive = new Ractive({
  el: myContainer,
  template: myTemplate

// this will alert 'true'
alert( ractive.nodes.myDiv === document.getElementById( 'myDiv' ) );

This can save you having to store references to elements, or doing repeated calls to document.getElementById() (or the jQuery equivalent, etc).

You can, if you're so inclined, use dynamic attributes, like so:

    <li id='item_{{i}}'>{{content}}</li>
ractive = new Ractive({
  el: myContainer,
  template: myTemplate,
  data: { items: myListOfItems }

// to get reference to an arbitrary li element...
li = ractive.nodes[ 'item_' + num ];